What is Scholtek?

Scholtek is my personal website. I'll be using it to post review of books and games that I read, as well as post general comments about programming or tutorials to help solidify things that I'm learning. It is also a learning experience for me as, prior to starting this website, I had absolutely no experience with web programming and so I am enjoying learning PHP, CSS, and JavaScript as I go.

At the moment, the main appeal of the site comes from Mine Defense. This is the incremental game that I'm developing - the goal is, in short, to acquire a whole bunch of gold. And fend off goblins and get upgrades and so on. It is a work in progress and so I hope that it continues to develop and become more interesting for users of my site. So far the game has gotten over a thousand views, which I am absolutely thrilled about, and I hope it can provide some enjoyment to many more people.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to send me an email with any comments you might have (my address is in the contact section below).

Current Activity

Playing: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Reading: I'm Feeling Lucky by Douglas Edwards
Coding: Learning Phaser, to make games with physics and other awesomeness!