Military campaigns are unlocked by building the barracks, which is unlocked after reaching a total population of 50 through the habitation construct.

Launching a Campaign (Edit)

You can launch a campaign as soon as the barracks is built. The enemy's initial strength is dependent on how many goblins and spiders you've killed, and increases after each successful campaign. The soldiers you have available is equal to half of your population. You can increase the strength of your soldiers by paying steel and food to train them from the military page and through the blacksmith industry construct. The outcome of each battle is determined by random values chosen based on the enemy strength and the army strength. The values chosen are based on a Gaussian curve centered on each respective strength with standard deviations of 1/5 of the strengths. If your army's random value is greater than the enemy's, your campaign will be successful.

Spoils of War (Edit)

After each successful military campaign, you will be rewarded a random amount of iron, coal, and steel based on the enemy's strength; the higher the enemy's random roll, the higher the average resulting rewards. In addition, you will have a chance to receive an adamantium reward based on the number of military victories you have won. Between 0-50K victories, you will receive (# campaigns won / 1001)5 adamantium each time you find adamantium on the battlefield. After 50K victories, you will receive an additional ((# campaigns won - 50K) / 253)4 adamantium. The initial chance to find adamantium is 7%; the chance increases to 21% with the purchase of the War Vultures upgrade. With enough military victories, the adamantium reward from battles can greatly diminish the wait to get 100 dragon hunters for Human Fusion. During each successful campaign, between 5-10% of your army will perish. During unsuccessful campaigns, between 25-50% of your army will be lost. After each victory, goblin and spider levels increase by an amount directly proportional to the difference between your army's random roll and the enemy's; the higher the difference, the greater the increase in enemy strength after the battle.

The following chart provides a quick reference for adamantium rewards based on various numbers of military victories.

Campaigns Won Adamantium Reward
0-1001 1
2K 32
5K 3.11K
10K 99.501K
30K 24.178M
50K 310.942M
70K 349.994M
100K 1.836B
500K 10.009T
1M 198.798T
10M 2.392Qi
100M 24.358Sx
1B 244.023Sp

Graveyard (Edit)

The graveyard provides a percentage boost to your army strength based on the total number of soldiers you have lost in battle. The boost is equal to log(# soldiers lost)1.9 percent of your army's strength. After purchasing the Blind Revenge upgrade, you have the option to turn on automated battling through the graveyard construct window. However, as the enemy's level will quickly catch up to your own, you will begin to lose around half of the automated battles, assuming your population regenerates completely between each battle. With the Strike Blindly upgrade, each Blind Revenge attack is accompanied by an automated bombing of the enemies from the blacksmith if you can afford it. This keeps the enemy's level low and will eventually stabilize at a level where your army will defeat the enemy's army every time. The enemy's level will likely stabilize at a high enough point where it is difficult to destroy attacking goblins and spiders on the main screen, so be sure to maintain a large enough mage army to fend off the invaders if you want the valuable drops from rebel goblins.

Update Info (Edit)

  • Version 1.01 - 20/12/2014
    • Blind revenge is no longer disabled when you lose a battle and occurs every 30 seconds
    • Lowered most of the campaigns won requirements
    • Increased non-campaign shrine requirements
    • Added an upgrade causing blind revenge to also drop a bomb
    • Campaigns can now be launched 10 at a time by holding ctrl
  • Version 1.00 - 13/12/2014
    • Added upgrades that speed up population recovery
    • Added multiple additional buildings (all 25 slots can now be filled)
    • Added an option to the menu to act as if control is pressed (for mobile users who don't have a control key)
    • Bombing enemies is much cheaper
    • War Vultures now multiplies adamantium drop chance by 3 rather than 1.5
  • Version 0.98 - 13/09/2014
    • The stats screen now shows number of campaigns won (this will start at 0 for everyone)
    • Added the blacksmith
    • Food in the market is slightly more expensive
    • Fixed several bugs with how food interacts with population
    • You can now gain land for two more farms via campaigns
  • Version 0.97 - 06/09/2014
    • Farms now show food per second
    • The military screen now shows food remaining after upgrade (to avoid overspending)
    • Habitation level is now a maximum, and soldiers who die now regenerate slowly
    • Military rewards are now higher and soldiers are now killed even in victory
  • Version 0.96 - 30/08/2014
    • Added habitations and farms
    • Added the barracks to start your military campaign
    • Added a new resource (sadly it has no use so far, but it will soon)