Industry is unlocked after acquiring 6,750 Bagger 288s and then purchasing the Precious Resources orange upgrade. The screen is set up as a 5 by 5 square of grass plots, which need to be prepared before buildings may be constructed. In order to prepare a plot, your craftsmen will need to use 100K Dirt per pixel on the plot. They will take one second to work on each pixel, and won’t be able to repair your wall or do any other construction while working on the plot. Each plot has 962 pixels, which means you’ll need to spend 96.2M Dirt for each plot.

Industry resources (Edit)

The introduction of industry also introduced several resources in addition to the gold, mana, and gems previously in the game. Many of the industry buildings produce these resources or consume them upon creation and/or upgrading their levels. For more information about types of resources and how to unlock and produce them, see the Resources page.

Buildings (Edit)

Auto-smithy Purchase Precious Resources 10Oc gold, 1K majestic gemsCombines gems at 10 per second, Upgradeable in sets of 10, for stone and, eventually, additionally costing coal. Upgradeable with the Mechanical Overload and Industrial Brakes upgrades.
Quarry Purchase The Wheel Turns 50Oc gold, 2000 majestic gemsNeeded for stone, and, with the purchase of the Deep Mining upgrade, coal and iron, generation. Rock golems in the quarry will periodically (with a 0.15% chance each second) find perfect gems (50% chance), majestic gems (6% chance), an artifact, causing an alchemist to join your ranks (4% chance), or sqrt(current adamantium * 3) adamantium (up to 1B maximum, 40% chance). The amount of perfect or majestic gems found is the minimum between the regal statue reward value and a random number between (current gems) / 200 and (current gems) / 100. The chance to find a quarry reward may be increased with the purchase of Miner Productivity; Woody See, Woody Do greatly increases the benefit from Miner Productivity. You must check the quarry before the loot may be added to your inventory; Ghosts of Quarry Future will automatically check the quarry every 30 seconds after purchasing it.
Wyvern-Mount Get 100M stone, 1No gold, and 200 wyverns1No gold, 2500 majestic gems, 250M stoneAdds an additional multiplier for wyverns. Upgrades cost gold and stone.
Mage Tower Get 250M total stone, 1Qi total mana, and 280 mages 1No gold, 500M stoneSlowly generates mage wisdom (0.001 per mage per second), which will improve a mage meditation multiplier that increases the meditation rate of your mages. Wisdom generation speed is upgradeable with Studiosity (x1.5) and Age of Wonders (x2). See mage wisdom chart for mage upgrades unlocked with mage wisdom.
Regal Statue Get 1K total iron 2.5No gold, 100K ironSends out tax collectors every 10 minutes, who will return lots of gems. Upgrades cost iron and miners.
Smelting Pit Purchase Secret of Barad-dur 1B stone, 50K goblins Smelts goblins, coal, and iron into steel. Upgradeable with the Steel Affinity upgrade.
Exchange Market Get at least one unit of steel 1K steel, 50No gold Allows for the exchange of great gems for majestic gems, dirt for stone, stone for iron, iron for coal, and iron for steel. The rate of exchange varies every 40-80 minutes; see the List of Resources chart for base exchange rates.
Habitation 2.5K steel 1K steel Houses population equal to its level. Each population requires 1 food per second to survive. Increasing population also increases army size and, therefore, army strength.
Farm 2.5K steel 10 steel, 1K stone, 100 coal Produces food each minute. Upgradeable using steel, stone, and coal.
Barracks Population of at least 50 5K steel, 25K food Allows you to go to war, opening up the military tab.
University Obtain at least one adamantium 25K steel, 1 adamantium Convert population to scholars to raise the education level of your citizens at the rate of one adamantium per conversion. The number of scholars converted at once is only limited by your total population, so always convert your maximum population each time to avoid wasting adamantium.
Blacksmith Win at least 5 campaigns 250K steel, 3 adamantium Allows you to hone your weapons (increase army strength) and bomb your enemies (decrease enemy strength by lowering enemy goblin and spider levels). See the military page's blacksmith section for more information.
Expanded Farm Win at least 100 campaigns 1M steel, 10 adamantium Produces food and flax each minute. Upgradeable using steel, stone, and coal. Produces level/10 flax per minute.
Vast Farm Win at least 500 campaigns 5M steel, 25 adamantium Produces food and flax each minute. Upgradeable using steel, stone, and coal. Produces 3*(level/10) flax per minute.
Fletcher Get some flax and purchase Adamantium Affinity 100 flax Allows you to train dragon hunters. Each level multiplies dragon hunter production by 1.15.
Administration Building Purchase Obsessive Recordkeeping (have university, 1K miners) 100No gold, 10B stone Provides production rate information for each resource in your kingdom.
Graveyard Win 100 military campaigns and lose 5K soldiers in battle 100 population, 500 adamantium, 10B stone Place to lay your soldiers to rest. Increases army strength by log(# soldiers lost)1.9%. Provides the option to automatically launch campaigns with the Blind Revenge upgrade. With Strike Blindly, each automatic battle will be accompanied by a bombing of the enemies from the blacksmith if affordable. Time between auto-battles is 30 / (# dragons sacrificed) seconds (minimum 1s).
Fire Shrine Win 500 military campaigns and get 400 mages 1K dragonscale, 25K adamantium, 1De gold Produces (level + 1) / 10 fire essence per minute. Each level multiplies mage damage and meditation and delving rates by 1.6,
Water Shrine Win 1K military campaigns, get 150 alchemists, and get some fire essence 2.5K dragonscale, 50K adamantium, 50De gold, 100 fire Produces (level + 1) / 10 water essence per minute. Alchemist yield is multiplied by water shrine level + 1.
Machinist Build water shrine and have 5 water essence 5K dragonscale, 10 fire, 10 water Allows you to craft mechanical mages, craftsmen (after building earth shrine), and alchemists (after building lightning shrine) out of adamantium, gems, and elemental essences. The Fury of Flame, One with Nature, and Fury of the Sea upgrades allow automatic creation of mages, craftsmen, and alchemists, respectively, provided you can afford the cost; the number automatically created can be increased from one per second to log(total essence earned)2 per second with the Ghosts of Rapid Mechanization upgrade.
Earth Shrine Win 2K military campaigns, click the mine 25K times, and get some water essence 5K dragonscale, 100K adamantium, 1UnDe gold, 100 water Produces (level + 1) / 10 earth essence per minute. Each level multiplies pickaxe strength by 1.1. Earth shrine picks' adamantium production is multiplied by earth shrine level + 1.
Lightning Shrine Win 3K military campaigns, get 1QaDe gold, and get some earth essence 10K dragonscale, 250K adamantium, 10UnDe gold, 100 earth Produces (level + 1) / 10 lightning essence per minute. Each level multiplies gold per second by 1.1.
Dragon Nest Get some lightning essence 100K dragonscale, 100 earth, 100 fire, 100 water, 100 lightning Allows you to raise a dragon.
Dimensional Rift Have the novice dragon 1M dragonscale, 100 earth, 100 fire, 100 water, 100 lightning Allows you to sacrifice your dragon to create spirit essence. Provides a button to automatically upgrade your dragon as high as possible and sacrifice it with Auto-Rift 9000 upgrade.
Arcaneum Get some spirit essence 100 earth, 100 fire, 100 water, 100 lightning Allows you to use spirit essence to boost resource gain.

Update info (Edit)

  • Version 1.02 - 27/12/2014
    • Added a button to feed the dragon 100% of the way
    • The administration building is now split by resource type
    • Spirit boosts are taken into account with the displayed gold per second, farm production, alchemy, and on hireling tooltips
    • Added an upgrade to auto-check the quarry
    • The amount of adamantium from the earth shrine picks scales with earth shrine level
    • The dimensional rift now says how much spirit essence a dragon is worth
    • Traps, and machine shop units can now be bought 10 at a time by holding control
    • The market now shows when the prices will change, and the eternal dragon makes them change faster
    • Added an upgrade that increases average market rate
    • Smelting pit rate grows more quickly
    • Smelting pit now shows how much adamantium might be produced
    • Added an upgrade allowing you to cut the market timer in half once per cycle
    • Added an upgrade allowing you to increase the number of mages/craftsmen/alchemists build each tick
    • Added a super late game upgrade that feeds and sacrifices your dragon in one click
  • Version 1.01 - 20/12/2014
    • Blind revenge is no longer disabled when you lose a battle and occurs every 30 seconds
    • Lowered most of the campaigns won requirements
    • Increased non-campaign shrine requirements
    • Constructs now fill in in spirals... and it's awesome
    • Added an upgrade causing blind revenge to also drop a bomb
    • Earth shrine levels now increase pick strength
    • Habitation now has an "upgrade max" option
    • Habitation population can now be exiled if you accidentally overbuy
    • Quarry random finds now give more adamantium
    • New constructs cause the construct button to light up
  • Version 1.00 - 13/12/2014
    • Regal Statue costs 2.5No gold rather than 10No and 100K iron rather than 10K and its base upgrade cost is 75K iron rather than 15K
    • Expanded Farm costs 10 adamantium rather than 15, requires 100 campaigns won rather than 25, and now produces flax
    • Vast Farm costs 25 adamantium rather than 50, requires 500 campaigns won rather than 100, and now produces flax
  • Version 0.98 - 13/09/2014
    • The university now defaults to the max number of scholars you can send
    • The stats screen now shows number of campaigns won (this will start at 0 for everyone)
    • Added the blacksmith
    • Food in the market is slightly more expensive
    • Fixed several bugs with how food interacts with population
    • You can now gain land for two more farms via campaigns
  • Version 0.97 - 06/09/2014
    • Farms now show food per second
    • The military screen now shows food remaining after upgrade (to avoid overspending)
    • Added an upgrade to allow fast land preparation
    • Habitation level is now a maximum, and soldiers who die now regenerate slowly
    • Military rewards are now higher and soldiers are now killed even in victory
    • The initial bagger upgrade for acquiring dirt is now cheaper
    • Added the university and several associated upgrades
    • Created an upgrade for setting a minimum number of gems before the auto-smith activates
  • Version 0.96 - 30/08/2014
    • Fixed bugs with the market and industry screen
    • Added habitations and farms
    • Added the barracks to start your military campaign
    • Added a new resource (sadly it has no use so far, but it will soon)
  • Version 0.95 - 16/08/2014
    • Mage tower meditation boost grows more slowly
    • Regal statues return slightly fewer gems
    • Statue results now remain until the next group returns
    • Added a new resource
    • Fixed a bug causing buildings to be inactive while land is being filled
    • Level is now shown on the building pages
    • Added a new building that allows exchanging resources with varying prices
  • Version 0.951 - 23/08/2014
    • Fixed bugs with the oracle and the smelter
    • Market dialog now updates properly
  • Version 0.95 - 16/08/2014
    • Mage tower meditation boost grows more slowly
    • Regal statues return slightly fewer gems
    • Statue results now remain until the next group returns
    • Added a new resource
    • Fixed a bug causing buildings to be inactive while land is being filled
    • Level is now shown on the building pages
    • Added a new building that allows exchanging resources with varying prices
  • Version 0.94 - 09/08/2014
    • Fixed a bug where industry buildings took effect before they were finished
    • Added two new buildings
    • Auto-smith upgrades now require coal after a certain point
    • The quarry now has a chance of finding buried treasure
  • Version 0.93 - 02/08/2014
    • The auto-smith combines 10 gems at once by default, instead of 1
    • Improved auto-smith and goblin art, courtesy of clockworktwelve!
    • Craftsmen now do not repair at all while doing other things
    • Improved drawing on the industry section (it should look sharper on most browsers)
    • Added two new industry structures, including a second industrial research
    • Dirt amount is now shown in the industry tab, not on the top bar like before
    • Auto-smith can be upgraded to move more gems, making it more useful for idling
  • Version 0.92 - 25/07/2014
    • Added a new resource (super late game - listen to the oracle and get tons of baggers)
    • Added a new game section, involving construction and automation