Alchemists possess the powerful ability to convert between types of resources. Upon imbuing any hireling to a 12 times multiplier and buying the corresponding hireling's alchemical speed upgrade, you will be able to purchase the Alchemist's Lair for the cost of 2 majestic gems, 10Sp gold, and 100B mana. You will then have the option to purchase alchemists in the defense tab. Alchemists start with the capability to turn gold into mana. As you hire more alchemists, purchase hirelings and the corresponding upgrades, and generate dirt, your alchemists will unlock new recipes that allow you to convert ants into gems, various levels and amounts of gems into hirelings, and dirt into mana. Upon constructing the quarry, goblins mining the quarry have a small chance (4%) to find artifacts that will attract additional alchemists from afar to your service to study them; each artifact found adds one alchemist.

Alchemy recipes (Edit)

Input Output Ratio Unlock Requirement
Gold Mana 25T:25M Build Alchemist's Lair structure
Large Ants Normal Gems* 30K:1 Hire 5 alchemists
Normal Gems Woodpecker 200:2 Purchase Jeweled Beak upgrade
Normal Gems Bloodhound 800:2 Purchase Jeweled Eyes upgrade
Great Gems Sandshrew 160:2 Purchase Bedazzled Pokeballs upgrade
Great Gems Goblin 400:2 Purchase Gleaming Eyes upgrade
Flawless Gems Miner 250:2 Purchase Crystal Axes upgrade
Flawless Gems Rock Golem 200:2 Purchase Crystalline Hands upgrade
Flawless GemsBagger 288 150:2 Purchase Diamond-Studded Treads upgrade
Perfect Gems Titan of Earth 40:2 Purchase Diamond Hearts upgrade
Majestic Gems World Eater 14:2 Purchase Crystal Shard Eyes upgrade
Majestic Gems Hive Queen 54:2 Purchase Diamond-Spiked Eggs upgrade
Majestic Gems Wyvern 208:2 Purchase Rhenium Heart upgrade
Dirt Mana 10M:1Qa 500M total dirt collected
Majestic Gems Neurochrysalis 20066:2 Purchase Neurological Enlightenment upgrade
Water Dragonscale 0.5:1 Build Water Shrine
Sandshrew Gold 0.1:800Sx Purchase Team Rocket Buyer upgrade
Majestic Gems Dragon Hunter 860154:2 Purchase Human Fusion upgrade

Alchemist speed (Edit)

Alchemical speed is a percentage multiplier for both the input and output of each alchemical recipe; therefore, the ratio of production remains the same while the amount consumed and produced per alchemist grows with the speed. Each hireling's alchemical speed upgrade you purchase (unlocked by imbuing the corresponding hireling to a 12x multiplier) unlocks 10% of your alchemists' speed, for a total of 120% speed when fully unlocked. In addition, the Alchemical Furor, Philosopher's Stone, The Elric Brothers, Flying Sparks, Higher Learning, and Eye of the Hurricane upgrades multiply your alchemical speed by 1.5, 2, 3, 2, 2, and 2 respectively, for a total of a 64x multiplier, giving a total of 8640% alchemical speed.

On top of the alchemical speed upgrades that affect both cost and yield, there are more valuable modifiers that increase yield while keeping the cost the same. The Increased Yields, Unequivalent Exchange, and Desert Bloom upgrades increase the production rate of alchemists by 1.5, 2, and 3, respectively, without affecting the cost, allowing for a 9x increase in efficiency. The Getting Hungry upgrade causes each bloodhound to an eat ant every second and increases alchemical yield by multiplying it by log(# ants eaten) / 20; this value doubles if you also have the Hound's Best Friend upgrade. Finally, the yield is multiplied by the level of the water shrine plus one, making the water shrine a valuable construct to level.

Alchemist requirements (Edit)

Some upgrades, mage upgrades, constructs, dragons, and other game components require a certain number of alchemists to unlock. This table shows the required number of alchemists for each.

Alchemists Unlocks Additional Requirements
5 Large ants to normal gems recipe -
30 Neurochrysalis hireling 20T total mana
10 Alchemical Furor -
10 Increased Yields Find 1M gems
25 Unequivalent Exchange Find 2.5M gems
50 Philosopher's Stone -
75 Desert Bloom Find 75M gems
100 The Elric Brothers -
150 Flying Sparks -
200 Higher Learning Education level at least 50K
Mage Upgrades
10 Gettin' Lucky EARTH!
25 Lookin' Hard Gettin' Lucky
50 Bein' AwesomeLookin' Hard'
100 Old Pros Bein' Awesome
150 Water shrine Win 1K military campaigns and
get some fire essence
200 Water Water shrine level 50
250 Aquatic Water shrine level 75
300 Torrential Water shrine level 100

Update info (Edit)

  • Version 1.01 - 20/12/2014
    • Added alchemist upgrade at 150 alchemists
    • Water essence to dragonscale recipe is quite a bit more expensive
    • The alchemist button now lights up when a new recipe is added
    • Spirit essence, mages, alchemists now allow specifying the number to move
  • Version 1.00 - 13/12/2014
    • Added a sandshrew to gold recipe to help with the hive queen grind
    • Added an option to the menu to act as if control is pressed (for mobile users who don't have a control key)
    • Added water to dragonscale recipe
    • Added majestic gems to dragon hunter recipe
  • Version 0.98 - 13/09/2014
    • New alchemist upgrade
  • Version 0.94 - 09/08/2014
    • Added a third yield upgrade for alchemists, and the alchemist screen now shows yield upgrades in the ratio column
  • Version 0.93 - 02/08/2014
    • Slight increase in Hive Queen gem cost
    • Alchemist efficiency is now called "Alchemical Speed" to be less confusing
  • Version 0.92 - 25/07/2014
    • Fixed a bug caused by gem rounding if the number of gems is greater than 0 but less than 1
    • Transmutation now also occurs if you have 100% of the amount, instead of the current efficiency (i.e. 330%)
    • Reduced world eater and hive queen alchemy prices
    • Alt click now works the same way as ctrl click
    • Added upgrades increasing alchemical yield (without increasing cost)
  • Version 0.91 - 19/07/2014
    • World Eaters and Hive Queen recipes are more expensive, and other recipes have been tweaked
    • Holding ctrl allows you to move 10 mages or alchemists at once, or buy 10 hirelings at once
    • Rounded gem and hireling values, because people were getting annoyed at seeing 103.4 ants and so on
    • Added alchemist upgrades that increase potential (and therefore speed up transmutation)
    • Wyvern transmutation is now possible, but at a very high price
  • Version 0.90 - 12/07/2014
    • Added alchemists lairs
    • Added alchemy recipes that are unlocked over time